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People always find something to complain about. Coparts is a dealer auction only. You can not register with Coparts without a dealer license. AutoBidMaster is a agent that make it possible for the average person to bid on these crash cars. Of course they will charge a fee. What do you expect? I am a license used car dealer that is currently registered with the regular dealer auctions(Manhiem). I used to be registered with Coparts years ago... Read more

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If you purchased a vehicle from Autobidmaster be careful of the Copart Auction fee(list on your invoice) that Autobidmaster charges you. Copart has Auction Fee A(Brokers like Autobidmaster are charged) and Auction Fee B (regular consumers). see fees at this link: Copart charges Autobidmaster "Fee A" which is much less than Fee B. This should be a benefit of going with Autobidmaster. ... Read more

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Joined; paid $150 for yearly membership Then $400 deposit to bid! Month later when I went to bid-it required deposit as my 1st deposit showed being refunded.....SIMPLY AVOID THEM--THEY NEVER RESPONDED TO MY DEMANDS TO PUT MY FUNDS ON MY ACCOUNT THEFT BY DECEPTION.......IT WILL CATCH UP WITH THEM YOU HAVE BEED WARNED YOU HAVE BEED WARNED YOU HAVE BEED WARNED I WILL FILED WITH THE bbb IN THEIR AREA AND with the Federal Trade Commission----one... Read more

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Hostile agent after paying the registration fee. He thought I was asking for a refund and became hostile and because of his action I wanted to cancel my registration after 5 mins because of his behaviour and he said NO. I asked for another agent, this guy still said NO. BEWARE. DON'T USE THEM. USE OTHER BROKERS. I realized there are better agents and many people have issues with autobidmaster and they are not good at communicating. I did not... Read more

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Autobidmaster put a car that I didn't bid on in my account and is trying to make me buy it or pay the reissue fee how this is possible I don't know I believe my account was hacked by someone that works there and they Placed This on my account When I noticed the car on my account immediately called to the office and told them that I did not bid on this card that's on my account and they ignored everything I said and proceeded to try to hold me... Read more

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This is the worst website and customer service I ever had!! First of all they never receive full payment! They always receive less and say the difference is an unknown amount deducted somewhere in between bank transaction by an unknown bank and they hold they buyer responsibility to pay that unknown difference!! although, they charge international payment fees!! They clearly don't have any policy or any official document to prove this lost... Read more

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I had a vehicle sold to me only to find out someone else had purchased it as well...I didn't find this out till my driver went to pick up the vehicle and he was told it had already been picked up a few hours before so when I when I tried to get my money back they were not wanting to refund my money but instead put it on my account that's 5 freaking grand that they are holding on to.. I want my money back and now I purchased a different vehicle... Read more

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I see a lot of complaints, and most seem to be a lack of reading the fine print or presuming their information is correct. it is the buyer's due diligence, not theirs. I won my auction and i'm happy with my purchase after a year. I personally inspected the vehicles, purchased a carfax, called the dmv office in the state it was from and confirmed the exact title type(there are many sub-types of salvage titles) and title standing, and pulled the... Read more

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The reps are never honest, it was all mess, always trying to extort customers, charge storage fees not charged or waved by copart, and when you complain, they try to make you feel you are at their mercy and must do subscribe to whatever mess they're giving you. They took my last deposit unduely, charged my card against my consent, even gave my card/identity information to a third party without my notice. I retrieved my money with the help of my... Read more

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I got the motorcycle , but when it came to the Title, all I got was a Bill of Sale and A lot of Excuse's and to this Day no Title yet just more runrunaround . All I Can say is watch out people , make sure it's not you!

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