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Just keep in mind, this company loves to renew your membership and bump you up to their prime and charge you a hefty $250 membership. How they do this?

In order to login to your account, you need to pass the page that says continue and with that click you actually consent to an unread agreement that you picked to get their premier membership and be charged for it. You actually do not check a radio icon or pick "yes". That is how they get your innocent hard-earned money. This is immoral and fraudulent business practice, but they get away with it because we don't have the money and/or the legal support to sue them in an appropriate manner.

Farther, they have false and/or misleading advertising, and that is in addition to making you bid against yourself.

Their software is designed to fool a naïve and succumb a customer into a very bad bad deal. It is a company to make itself rich quick and fast, just like a drug dealer-- immoral.

Product or Service Mentioned: Autobidmaster Membership.

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Yes i signed up with this company and when i see you pay 250 per car I said okay i will try but when I buy a car they charge me 250 plus another 299 for what I have no idea.Then something came up that I won some trailer for $2 dollar bid but I didn't bid on this but I told them i will pay the auction the $2 dollars plus the$86 auction fee and rerun it back for someone else. They said okay but three days later they went in my account and took out $400 and $250 for what i have no idea.Oh and also they took out my account $199 for what again i have no idea.

So a big scam company. .

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