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I purchased 2 cars from Auto Bid Master the first car I brought paid and picked up the next day then to find out I’m being charged a storage fee for a car that was in my driveway for almost a week I don’t notice the fee until I purchase car #2 and the way I find out is they tell me they won’t release me vehicle until the storage fees are paid after about 35 minutes of arguing that I have the car Tabatha gets on the phone and says Co part just released the hold and goes on to try and blame co part for all mistakes then tried to say I left the lot without signing the car out like if they just let u leave with a car on a flatbed without paperwork and once I said the tow truck driver has the title so I’m sure he signed something so now I have to send my title back to them so they can sign the title but none of this is their fault it’s the person who picked up the car never heard of a place where you spend your money and get blamed for all the mistakes ok then once I get vehicle # 2 it comes with nothing and of course they said they gave me the paperwork called to see about my 2nd title and Derek said “ it’s still at co part” and hung up this place is unprofessional they say your mad at the wrong people because co part did this co part did that well if Auto Bid Master is a 3rd party for Copart and I brought my car off Auto Bid Master then I’m sure it’s the Auto Bid Master staff Tabatha, Lubia, & Derek those seem to be the only 3 people who works there makes you wonder if Auto Bid Master is just a few people in a shammy room scamming people DO MOT PURCHASE FROM AUTO BID MASTERS GO STRAIGHT TO COPART I say that because if a problem occurs they’re just going to blame it on Copart so at least you’ve fought half the battle

Product or Service Mentioned: Autobidmaster Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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I am the pissed off consumer who wrote this review and at the time of incident I was being irate and not listing however Tabatha was already correcting the problem which had nothing to do with Autobidmasters the fact that I had a problem with a Title which Tabatha also was able to help me resolve I however had to put in a little foot work due to the fact that it was not a mistake on Autobidmasters behalf & Tabatha gave me 2 options which I chose the best for me and it involved me traveling to the nearest Co part and having them correct the mistake or mailing said information to Autobidmasters and they Tabatha would handle it, its just it was a process so I choose the best one for me I was being an complete idiot irate a**h013 not listening yelling while writing the review before this one and ive been trying to take it down ive flagged my own review with an explanation of my stupidity because once I started paying attention to Tabatha I realized they are not on EST and their is no way they was charging me or holding my title all the information they had was what Co part had entered into their system I must add Tabatha must specialize in dealing with A**h013's because the whole conversation I was yelling and using profanity Tabatha however stayed calm heard me out and throughout the whole conversation she remained professional and truth be told I believe she had the problem resolved before the end of our conversation well I now know that she did way more than she should've everything that Autobidmasters coud do to speed up my process Tabatha made it happen for me only if I had if listened I wouldn't have to let the world know how much of an A**h013 I am haha oh well my government isn't on here once again I Apologize to the entire Autobidmasters staff who had to deal with me Lubia, Derek & Tabatha... Tabatha really did go above and beyond to help me she even checked up to see if when I received my paperwork that it was properly filled out and I had all forms I would need Tabatha is really the MVP of handling irate A**h013's

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